Flagstaff Birth Doula
and Postpartuim Doula
Kimberly Tinsman


What do I do as your doula?
    As your doula, I will offer assistance in creating a birth plan prior to labor.  During labor I will provide emotional support, physical comfort measures, and an objective viewpoint to help you make informed decisions about your care. My knowledge from DONA training and experience as a doula and mother to meet your needs as they arise in labor. 

How do I know that you'll attend my birth??

Once I receive your signed contract and deposit, I will block my calendar +/- 2 weeks of your EDD.  I only schedule two moms a month so that I will be able to attend your birth.  I don't have small children to tend to, so I am able to meet you as soon as you need me.  I do have a qualified back up doula should an unforeseen situation arrive.  Your pregnancy and birth are the most important events on my calendar. 

Have more questions??  please call today - 512-417-4134 

Kimberly Tinsman CD(DONA)

Do Doulas take the place of my partner?

Absolutely NOT!!  A birth doula provides the skilled support necessary to allow the partner to participate in a way that he or she is most comfortable with.  As your doula, I will hold the space for you.  Your birth partner is the most important support you have.  I am there to help and guide only when needed.

Do Doulas help women who plan to use pain medication during labor?

Yes, the comfort and reassurance offered by a doula can compliment the use the pain medication.   The role of a doula is to support the decisions a mother makes during her labor

Why hire a doula?

Numerous Clinical studies have found that a doula's presence during labor and birth:

  • results in shorter labors
  • less likely for a cesarean birth
  • improve breastfeeding 
  • less medical intervention
  • satisfaction with one's childbirth experience
  • what you and your partner need to pack in your       hospital bag

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