Flagstaff Birth Doula
and Postpartuim Doula
Kimberly Tinsman


Fee and Service Include (but not limited to):

Free Interview with you and your partner

Prenatal Visits (1-2)

Discuss Birth Plan and any concerns

Unlimited Phone Calls/Emails from Doula Clients


Go On Call =/- 2 weeks from estimated due date

Labor with mom at home as long as possible

Labor and Birth Support (continual) 

Involving Partner in the whole birthing process

Getting  Breastfeeding Started and Established

Postpartum Visit (1-2 visit)

Payment Plans Available

(I only schedule 1 clients a month so that I will be able to attend your birth.  Once I receive your deposit, I will block the calendar for YOU!)

Packages start at $600 - call today for a free interview!

Postpartum Services Available - $25/hr (See Postpartum Page) 

I believe every mother deserves a Doula that wants ones.  Please call for other pricing options.

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