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and Postpartuim Doula
Kimberly Tinsman


Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

My name is Kimberly. I have been married to my very supportive husband, Gregg, for 28 years. Together we have raised our three sons, 22, 19 and a 16 years old.

 I am a Certified DONA Doula living in Flagstaff.  I have had the privilege of serving over 50 families as a Professional Birth Doula. (With 20 Testimonies from moms/dads, for you to review on www.doulamatch.net at your convenience.  I am currently re-certified with DONA. 

I have completed Advanced Doula Training, 
Acupressure Classes and Continuing Education Classes.  I have been a Professional Birth Doula for four years now. 

* Certified Birth Doula
* Certified Childbirth Education
* Certified Breastfeeding
* I have experience in many different health    situations that some moms experience before or   during after pregnancy.
* Over 20 references - www.doulamatch.net
* Experience with FMC Labor & Delivery Staff     and the Flagstaff Birth Center.
* Mastered in making your partner the main support person during your birth.

I only take 2 clients a month so that I can ensure a better chance to be at your birth. Once I receive your deposit, I will block my calendar for your birth.  Please call today to check availability.

Some months book up faster than others, so please call or text today for a FREE Interview.

Kimberly Tinsman - CD(DONA)
Certified Birth Doula
(512) 417-4134


The benefits of hiring a Professional Certified and Experienced Doula:
* Empowering your spouse to be       your number one support person.
* I have mastered art of comfort     measures.
* Experience and great relations with     the hospital staff.
* Experience in many different         situations that arise during labor.
* Resources for families.
* Logged over 30 Continuous Education   Hours for 4  years now. 
* Through my experience, I have   the ability to meet the needs of her   clients before, during and after birth.
* I'm able to educate my clients on the   hospital policy and how to prepare   for  labor.
* I have the experience to teach and   guide the partner during labor, help   make the birth of their child   rewarding  satisfying to both   new parents.
* Testimonies from families that I have      served, to help you understand my  sense of  responsibility to you and     your  partner.

Being a Professional Birth Doula means that I am a full time doula.  On-call, continuously available via email, phone, text and of course, during labor. 

My passion is in helping women find strength and power in themselves through their birth experiences.

All women deserve continuous support during labor.   

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you again, for the opportunity to serve you and your support person.

I enjoying teaching your partner to be your number one support person.  There will be many private and sentimental moments that you will share together, alone.  I will stay in the background, be there when you need me and of course, meet the needs you desire for your doula.

Congratulations and wishing you a beautiful birth, you'll cherish forever!

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What can I offer you?

I would be honored to serve as your doula, bringing not only my Advance Doula Training but I have actually attended and experienced the births listed below.  I'm passionate about birth and willing to serve you in whatever your needs and desires are. 

Educated and Experienced!

* Natural Childbirths

* Medicated Births

* Inductions

* Planned Cesarean Births

* Emergency Cesarean Births

* Water Births

* Teen Births

* Birth Center

* Twins Birth

* High Risk Pregnancy

* Type 1 Diabetes

* Gestational Diabetes

* Adoption Births


* Premature Babies

* Pre-term Labor

(From dads and moms)
I have over 20 testimonies for you to review!!

Certification for Childbirth Education, Doula and Breastfeed available upon request.

Hire a FLAGSTAFF Doula to support you.
An experienced and qualified professional to provide lasting, physical, emotional and informational support to the mother and her partner; 
before, during and after birth!

A Certified Doula can provide all of the and more for you to have the birth experience you dream of!

Call today for a FREE interview!

Kimberly Tinsman-CD(DONA)

Visit the website below for pregnancy and newborn information:


Lot of data to share with you:

Breastfeeding is best for your baby.  I will stay at your birth until breastfeeding is established. Some babies are sleepy after birth so don't worry if your baby doesn't nurse right away.

Dad doing skin to skin contact is important and helps establish bonding for the first five years.  Birth is a beautiful event...make sure you have an educated and experienced doula by your side.

And, I have a lot more fun facts to share with you!!

Kimberly Tinsman - CD(DONA)
Certified and Experienced
Birth Doula


512-417-4134 call/text

Do Doulas take the place of your birth partner??

Never!!!  Your partner is always number one.  As a DONA Doula we are trained to empower you and your partner to make the best decisions for your baby!

Flagstaff, AZ, 86001

Did you know:

Clinical Studies show that having a Certified Doula at your birth: 

*Results in shorter labors 

*Less chance of a Cesarean Birth 

*Less medical intervention 

*less likely to use pain medication 

*Increase satisfaction with your birth   experience

*Receive an epidural later in labor

Credits Earned:

* DONA Birth Doula Certification

    (with continued CEU)

* Breastfeeding Certification

* Childbirth Education Certification

*  Continuing Education hours - DONA


I have been a doula for four years.  I have worked at the Flagstaff Birth Center as well as with private clients in at Flagstaff Medical Center in a hospital setting.  

Educating the parents before, during and after labor.  Supporting them in whatever decisions you decide is best for your and your baby.

My goal is to empower mom and her partner.  Her partner being the main support person during this journey.  I will provide you with Children Birth Education, Birth and Breastfeeding information.  My wish for you is to have the best birthing process possible.  

Statics and Experience is key in choosing the right doula for your birth. 

Personally, learning about birth is a passion for me, serving as your Doula is an "Honor and Humbling Experience" that I thank you fo choosing me. 

Making your pregnancy and birth and lifetime moment you treasure for a lifetime, is my goal!!


What other families are saying:


*NOTE: Not all doulas listed under Flagstaff, reside in Flagstaff.  If it's important to you to have a local doula, be sure to read where they are located.

If I am booked during your Estimated Due Date, than I will make sure you have names and numbers of other doulas that I feel confident in their abilities.

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